Recent Testimonials

Thank you Keaveney Legal for handling my account. Nathan was so great to work with. He was extremely patient and he held my hand through the process. He understood my frustration so I am glad he took in on my case. Very good job!

Bruce & Kathleen W.

Keaveney Legal Group,
We would like to thank all of the people involved in handling our case. Everyone was helpful, professional and kind in understanding our situation. The hassle and anxiety of daily calls from our bank was placed firmly in your hands and the burden taken off of our shoulders. Many thanks for all of your help.

– Bruce & Kathy


Keaveney Legal Group,

I want to thank you all for a job well done. I couldn’t of done it without your firm .


I am so happy i found you. I would recommend you very to people with the same problem.


Thank you again

– Sharon

They Really Cared!

The KLG team really cared about us and got us the loan modification we needed. Connie was especially helpful and patient with us. I would definitely recommend KLG!

– Linda and Thomas C., Browns Mills, NJ

Forever Thankful!

I was denied a modification several times by my mortgage company. Next I was taken advantage by a law firm promising me results and not returning my calls. Then with a final judgement of foreclosure on my home Keaveney stepped in and gave me all my options, an affordable payment plan , never lied to me and got me a modification to save my home. Thank you so much. I know we wouldn’t be in our home without you.

– Shawn A.

They do what they say!

We had tried to get a loan modification due to a high interest rate, and we were dragged through an unsuccessful process for over five years and had fallen behind thousands of dollars and were over 18 months behind on our mortgage, our lender began foreclosure proceedings, and that’s when the reality of eviction hit home. I looked on Goggle and started researching lawyers, I called a few and got different vibes from each. My fourth call was to Chris @ Keaveney who spend a good deal of time with me on the phone. I felt confident in his ability in spite of the fee he informed me of which I felt was high, but then I thought about the fact that you get what you pay for and losing my home was not an option. Their process was very well put together and we ended up with a modification which took us from 8.75% to 2%, we had to pay the mortgage company an initial amount over $4000.00 dollars to start the modification and after signing and paying we ended up getting an adjustment check from our mortgage company for almost $6000.00. That’s what I call getting what you pay for!!!

– Mykellel S.

A wonderful firm and experience

I want to take some time to thank the Keaveney Legal Group for their outstanding service and committment to save me from a foreclosure and finalizing with a successful short sale. I have been struggling with this decision of the past five years and finally when I spoke to the firm I felt a reassurance that they would work in my favor. The response time from all staff members was terrific and although the directions above say not to mention a person’s name I will chance saying that the personal service and commitment to detail that I received from one of the staff in particular named Carol White was truly amazing and very professional. She followed up on every possibility and I came out with an outstanding settlement and package. If not for this professional I could have lost thousands of dollars more in the end result. I thank the entire Keaveney Legal Group for truly outstanding service to the me the Client

– Bill G.

Excellent Legal Group

I can’t thank Keaveney Legal Group enough for helping my family keep our home. They answered all my questions promptly and always made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with a loan modification. They are a company you can trust. In today’s world this means a lot.

– Marlene C.

Professional and Knowledgeable

The Keaveney Legal Group is a knowledgeable and professional legal group. All staff, at every level extend themselves to assist the client. I would recommend them to anyone who really need assistance with home ownership. In today’s environment, it is very hard to hire honest and trustworthy help, I am happy to have acquainted myself with this group. Keaveney has helped me tremendously and I would always seek their help if ever needed.

– William B.

Modification Handled and Done Professionally

After months and months and months of being misled, lied to, promised by the bank that I was going to get a modification, I was denied for no good reason. I became very depressed and felt like just abandoning all hope. I was telling my friend the story and she said her brother went through the same thing , but found a law firm to help him. I went online and looked up the #1 foreclosure law firm in NJ. At this point I did not have much hope, but I couldn’t bear telling my children we had to move , so i would do anything to keep us there. I told them our story and they instantly made me feel better. They told me this happens to everyone and I shouldn’t feel bad. That I should keep my head up and they would work to keep me in the house. While they were going to court to fight the foreclosure, they had their modification team keep after the bank. All the while keeping me informed of what was happening. My client service person was amazing and made me feel like i was a person and not just a number. I received my modification this morning and I could not be happier. There are still good people in the world that do good work and I am so glad I was able to find them. THANK YOU!!!!!

– Jeannette F.