If you are facing foreclosure, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You probably have many questions. You may feel confused, embarrassed or angry. Let Fight For My Home Foreclosure Defense Attorneys at Keaveney Legal Group help YOU save YOUR home!

At Keaveney Legal Group, we represent New Jersey & Pennsylvania homeowners facing foreclosure. Even if you are only just behind on your mortgage payments, you still may have options and a means to lower your payments. At Keaveney, we aggressively represent our clients to find the best solutions available. We have represented and defended many New Jersey & Pennsylvania homeowners, just like you, who have been faced with the uncertainty and confusion of foreclosure and financial hardships. Keaveney Legal Group’s Fight For My Home Foreclosure Defense Attorneys are ready to help troubled homeowners throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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If you are facing foreclosure, it is important to act quickly. Keaveney Legal Group can help fight your foreclosure and gain you the valuable time needed to help you work towards an equitable solution. Well-defended foreclosure cases often take a year or longer before they are resolved. For many people, this additional time can be the difference between financial survival and bankruptcy.

In a foreclosure, banks must take the proper steps in the proper order to have the legal right to foreclose. Often there are procedural and administrative defenses that can be raised on your behalf by an experienced foreclosure defense attorney. By asserting our proven legal defenses to your foreclosure action, we maximize the chances of getting you a favorable solution.
For clients who want to keep their homes, we fight the foreclosure and provide assistance with helping you deal with the banks to get you a mortgage or loan modification. For clients who are not able to keep their homes, we provide assistance with short sales, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, and negotiated settlements.

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The FORECLOSURE FIVE — If you are facing foreclosure, please understand the following:

1. EDUCATION IS POWER. Our Fight For My Home Foreclosure Assistance Workshops were designed to provide homeowners with valuable information about the foreclosure process and the options available to help them fight their foreclosure. Keaveney Legal Group conducts these workshops throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. Click Here to receive information about an upcoming workshop near you.

2. BEWARE OF SCAMS. Homeowners are barraged by advertising from mortgage modification companies and non-lawyer experts who promise to help you avoid foreclosure. Only a New Jersey or Pennsylvania foreclosure defense lawyer can represent you in a foreclosure lawsuit filed in a New Jersey or Pennsylvania court. The Keaveney Legal Group represents homeowners throughout the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.

3. DOING NOTHING WILL NEVER HELP. When faced with a foreclosure, it can be overwhelming. You may feel like doing nothing and hoping things will get better. You probably feel like your situation is hopeless. HELP IS A PHONE CALL AWAY. In even the most difficult situations, there are often solutions you may not have considered. Consult with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney from Keaveney Legal Group.

4. THE BANK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Our foreclosure defense attorneys have seen banks and loan servicers lie to borrowers. We have witnessed banks and loan servicers misrepresent facts. We have represented many property owners who made the mistake of relying on false promises made by representatives of their banks. VERIFY ALL INFORMATION given to you by your bank or loan representative with an experienced attorney to find out the truth about your legal rights.

5. TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE. Once you have been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, you cannot afford to wait. Upon being served, you have a limited time-frame to retain an attorney to respond on your behalf and raise legal defenses to the foreclosure lawsuit. If you wait too long, you can severely damage your legal rights. Be proactive — it is extremely important that you seek immediate help.

We at Keaveney Legal Group are here to help. Call us today so that we may discuss your individual situation. We will explain in detail your options. We will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your financial future. We can help you take back control and start living your life again. Start fighting, by calling to find out more about how The Keaveney Legal Group’s Fight For My Home Foreclosure Defense Attorneys can help you fight for your home.

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