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The legal foreclosure defense attorneys at Keaveney Legal Group are dedicated to trying to help you save your home. Proper foreclosure defense encompasses a variety of different strategies and only with a licensed attorney can you be certain of getting the best possible defense. Don’t leave the protection of your home to chance. If you are in need of a dedicated and aggressive foreclosure defense lawyer, please fill out the online form or call the foreclosure defense attorneys at Keaveney Legal Group today.

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Save Your Home From Foreclosure – Free Consultation

There are several means by which a foreclosure defense can be formed, however, every situation is different and only after an evaluation can your options be determined. Keaveney Legal Group offers a FREE CONSULTATION to review your case and provide you all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Mr. Keaveney opened Keaveney Legal Group to help New Jersey & Pennsylvania homeowners stand up against large lending institutions who are trying to take away their homes. Contact the foreclosure defense attorneys at Keaveney Legal Group today and let us show you how you might save your home from foreclosure. Keaveney Legal Group works throughout the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and are here to help, no matter how desperate your situation.

Know Where You Stand – Are You a Victim?

Know YOUR rights. It is important that you are up-to-date on all issues surrounding your foreclosure, including a complete review of all previously executed documents. Are your loan documents free of lending errors? Do they contain elements of predatory lending? Do your foreclosure documents have the proper signatures? Was your foreclosure filed legally? You may be surprised to find out that a majority of foreclosures filed in the last few years have been suspected of fraud. If you are the victim of fraud, you should know. It has the potential to lend a great deal to the defense of saving your home from foreclosure.

What is Foreclosure Fraud?

Evidence has surfaced indicating that many foreclosures were wrongfully filed. There are many cases of so-called robo-signers who were actually untrained individuals that have publicly admitted to signing thousands upon thousands of foreclosures with false signatures. Some of the information filled into the blanks on foreclosure forms has been shown by experts to be fraudulent. It has also been suggested that many foreclosures did not get a review to determine payment history of borrowers and other vital information. A large number of homes may have been foreclosed upon without the homeowners knowing about these discrepancies.

Can Keaveney Legal Group Help Me? YES!

The foreclosure lawyers at Keaveney Legal Group will do a thorough analysis of your documents to find out if they contain any information that can be used in your defense. We also will aggressively pursue potential loan modifications that could give you affordable terms and payments, allowing you to save your home. If needed, we will also discuss potential exit strategies such as a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure or any other option that is in your best interest. We are results-driven and will fight to achieve the best possible outcome to your foreclosure. Contact us by filling out the online form or calling us at our offices at 1-800-219-0939 today

Contact the Keaveney Legal Group attorneys for answers and more. For a dedicated foreclosure defense attorney, local homeowners should not wait to act. Call 1-800-219-0939 or email us at info@keaveneylegalgroup.com today for the foreclosure help you need.

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